Raw Materials

This ancient yew on the top left was salvaged from the Abberley Hall woods, and from this I have made some beautifully figured pieces.

The Yew tree top right has been standing proud for an estimated 400 years on Walsgrove Farm, Great Witley. This tree has sadly died - October 2012 - and I am going to start converting it so that the beauty of the wood can be enjoyed in a new form.

The left hand picture shows the 400 year old dead yew tree in Stoke Prior churchyard.

On the right is the Walnut tree at Heightington which was blown down in a gale in 2001.

This Acacia tree at Sugarbrook Manor in Bromsgrove was leaning dangerously over the house and had to be cut down.

Abberley Hall Yew brought down by heavy snow in 2013

I am mainly working with unseasoned wood. I have to part-turn my items and then leave them in a dry environment to stabilise. This is a photo of the roof space which I use for this "seasoning", and it receives a gentle heat from the Aga which is sited below.