Gallery 4

9" by 5" deep Fruit or Salad bowl from the Heightington Walnut Tree. An oiled finish

7"wide by 3.5" deep Fruit or Salad Bowl from the Heightington Walnut Tree. An oiled finish

8½" wide by 2¼" deep

A useful oiled maple bowl suitable for fruit or salad.

This is a gallery piece made from the Sugarbrook Manor Acacia tree. 13" across and 6" deep. The burr on two sides shows some wonderful figuring.

A shallow dish made from the the 800 year old Abberley yew showing the wonderful figuring of this tree. 6.5" wide by 22" deep

A beautifully figured natural edged Yew bowl made from the Stoke Prior tree. 12" wide by 6.5" deep

12" wide by 6" deep

Another beautiful natural edged bowl that displays the character of this tree.

A beautiful burred piece of Stoke Prior Yew turned into an attractive natural edged bowl 5.5" by 11"wide

5¼" by 1¾"a gallery display piece of 800 year (estimated) old yew from Abberley woods.

7" wide by 4" deep

Maple fruit or salad bowl

12" wide and 7" deep

An attractive nicely figured natural edged yew bowl

A deep bowl 11.5" by 7" made from the Stoke Prior Yew.

The figuring reflects the age of this wonderful old tree.

11" wide by 6" deep natural edged bowl made from an ancient field maple in Redmarley Orchards