The Abberley Churches Woodturner

I have been a serious woodturner for about twenty years and over this period I have raised nearly £100,000 for Worcestershire charities. I am grateful to the many people who have supplied me with interesting trees and some of these can be seen on my "materials" page.

In 2008 my wife was diagnosed with terminal cancer and I gave up Woodturning and disposed of all my equipment, and Pat sadly died in October 2010. Having attended the Paralympics I was inspired to buy another lathe and to stop whingeing about my dodgy arthritic hands.

I managed to be productive for another four years but without Pat's encouragement I lost my creative urge. I decided that I needed to move away and start a new phase in my life. I am now loving in Sherborne where I have made many new friends.

I have left on this website details/pictures of some of the items I donated to a number of charities. My thanks to all those people who supported my efforts.

John Lakeman MBE